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    Building a Rich-Text Editor for Modern Publishers

    An inside look into the making of a flexible Rich-Text editor that will be shipped as an integral part of Blogody. It's been a bumpy path to choose the editor technology best suited for modern publishers. Sneak preview into the final result...

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    Blogody landing page is live

    The Blogody landing page has been set live. If you sign-up now, you'll be notified of the first Blogody pre-release and recieve early-adopter benefits.

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    Blogody – Tune into the melody of a new blogging platform

    The new blogging platform that I am creating is called Blogody. Learn how I came up with that name and what might help you in creating great names for your own product ideas.

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    Introducing Blogody News

    Every advancement during the creation of Blogody is now follwed by a short announcement on this page. Sometimes, an announcement will also be accompanied by a blog post on Jamify. Forcing myself to write up a short message for every milestone gives you a sneak-preview into the product and its upcoming features. This is the place where you can gain a glimpse into the creation process.

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    Creating a new blogging platform

    I am going to create a new blogging platform in 2021! It will allow publishing articles with Jamstack benefits built in: namely extremely secure and blazing fast sites. No code or development skills needed. For publishers who want to focus on writing and care about their content ownership.