Audience building as a new strategic focus

Blogody started out as a minimalist blogging platform focused on content ownership. The same concept is going to be applied to audience building: with tools for growing your own audience. Find out what's behind this new strategic focus.

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With the first public alpha release, Blogody has been recognized as an easy tool for publishing your own content on a global edge network (CDN). The blazing fast publication workflow spans from creation to distribution: One-click onboarding, instant publishing and superfast site speeds due to on-demand static regeneration.

A core value: content ownership

Most importantly, Blogody ensures that you own your content so that you are always in full control of you publication rights. Thus, Blogody is not a publication platform, for example like Medium, instead it enables creators to publish content on their own behalf.

That’s why it is vital that you can make your publications available on your own web domain. New features like Export and the API client are based on the very same principle: your content is easily accessible to you — use or move it wherever you like.

I think it is important to set out core values that software is build on. In this case it is helping creators publish content that always remains their own. Note the difference to popular social media platforms!

From content to audience

There are thousands of reasons why people publish written content, but all have one thing in common: blogs are in need of a thriving audience. The reason is simple: articles that are never read fall short of their purpose: being relevant for others.

That’s why upcoming releases will bring you the tools for systematically growing your audience based on Blogody’s minimalist approach: zero setup, deeply integrated, accessible from anywhere.

Likewise to content ownership, I will make sure the audience you are building with Blogody remains with you: contacts are never shared with third parties and you can decide to take it with you at any time: You not only own your own words, you own your audience.

Reputation Management

The deeply integrated audience building approach does come with challenges. Blogody needs to ensure that you do not accidentally shoot yourself in the foot. Maintaining an exceptional high reputation will be one of the key aspects of the audience building process.

If content is power, a thriving audience gives you superpowers. With power comes responsibility, with superpower accountability.

Starting out easy

The next major release will bring you the most simple audience building tools and it will mark a new strategic focus for the months to come: enabling Blogody users to grow an authentic audience around their reputable content.

Anything you want to share with me about audience building? Just use the Feedback button in Blogody and shoot me a message.

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