Blogody: The first month after launch πŸš€

It's been a really busy month after releasing Blogody to the public and I am very excited to welcome you all! With so many things going on, I'd like to give you a quick overview about the major developments.


New Blogody Features

The platform has turned out to be extremely stable, which allowed me to integrate many more features:

  1. Google Analytics Integration

  2. Export Feature

  3. An improved publication workflow

  4. GitHub OAuth

New Blogody Enhancements

In addition to these features, I was able to introduce these smaller enhancements:

  • Description can be hidden from post but still used for SEO

  • Branding colors can now be selected with a color picker

  • Clubhouse icon has been added to the social links

  • Complex titles including non-standard characters (i.e. Chinese) are now supported

  • Canonical URL option has been added

  • A direct Feedback button has been integrated

Service updates

On top of those visible changes, there have also been countless invisible service updates and – most importantly – fixes to all known security issues.

This is a huge benefit of Blogody compared to a self-hosted solution: there are so many little things that you simply don't have to worry about.

Improved Developer Experience (DX)

One of the big promises of Blogody: You can publish flaring fast blogs on a CDN edge without paying a developer!

However, if you are a developer and would like to use Blogody as your headless CMS, Blogody has you covered as well. That's why I released the following two open-source packages:

Both packages are fully typed with TypeScript and released under the MIT license. All contributors welcome!

What's in the pipeline?

There are many more features in the pipeline, most importantly webhooks and image uploads. I also expect to slowly move towards the first beta release.

Spread the word and engage!

Blogody is so new that it needs some help from you to get discovered in this attention-driven world. So, please spread the word in your network if you like this project!

I continue to prioritize features based on user's request, so I can only encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Keep the feedback coming…

You can always use the Feedback Feature in Blogody for the quickest way to notify me.

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