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Today I am announcing a big milestone for Blogody: easy newsletter creation and publication! Whether you want to send your blog posts to your email subscribers or want to launch an independent newsletter: directly connecting with your audience has never been easier.

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By far the most requested feature since the launch of Blogody on Product Hunt has been an integrated newsletter feature. I am psyched to ship this highly requested feature today, so you can start creating and publishing your newsletters now.

Zero setup, everything included

Blogody’s minimalist architecture makes it super simple: No need to install a plugin, no need to set-up a new integration, no need to configure email sending and no need to sign-up with yet another provider. Sending a newsletter is just two clicks away, and all email sending costs are included in your plan.

I've spent countless hours making sure newsletters work across all major email clients. So you don't need to fight the awful process of building a custom email template from scratch. All you need to do is write your content.

Further more, you can send newsletters from both published and unpublished posts which gives you a lot of flexibility: you can have a newsletter only publication, an online only publication or both. You can also publish your articles online first or send them to your premium users before, whichever makes more sense for your content strategy or marketing efforts.

Newsletter Preview

Sending a newsletter is a one-shot processes. Once you hit the send button, you can’t stop the delivery process and you can’t correct any mistakes. That’s quite different from an online publication where you can always correct a typo or even change the entire article after first publication. Thus, the platform should help you minimize potential mistakes.

The Blogody newsletter workflow starts when you hit the new mail action button in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

One click on the mail icon generates the newsletter styles and opens a newsletter preview window. The preview should closely resemble the actual newsletter and helps you review the content. When you are happy with it, press the TEST button. The newsletter will be sent directly to your own inbox, so you’ll see it in a real email client and get a better feeling about how it will look in your subscribers inboxes.

Blogody enforces sending a test newsletter to yourself before you can send it to your audience, because it’s essential to verify the end result before sending it to hundreds or thousands of other people. Here is how the test newsletter may look like in your email client (this example uses Gmail):

Some email clients block images and external fonts, so you may have to authorize your client to load them in order to get the best reading experience.

Sending to all your active subscribers

After the test email has been sent to you, the TEST button changes into a SEND button indicating the number of your current active subscribers. Active subscribers are all your members with an active newsletter subscription. You can always go to your member dashboard to review your subscribers and their current subscription status.

Pressing the SEND button is the final action and triggers bulk email sending — there is no additional confirmation and no way to undo this action: use with caution!

A post can only be sent once

You want to make every effort to please your subscribers and avoid any offending action. That’s why Blogody does not allow sending the same post to the same subscriber more than once. Even if you change the article, you cannot send it to any of the people you had previously sent it to.

However, if you get new subscribers to your blog, you are allowed to send to the new ones after the initial newsletter distribution. I’ve always missed the latter feature in other platforms — so I really hope you like it the same way I do.

Subscriber churn

It’s absolutely normal that some people will unsubscribe from your list and this is nothing to get upset about. Every Blogody newsletter automatically contains an unsubscribe link which allows a user to easily unsubscribe. Those members will be moved to the inactive category in your members dashboard. Thus, unsubscribed members are not lost — you may even send them a feedback email to understand the reasons behind their decision to leave.

It is also possible to manually activate unsubscribed user’s again but I strongly advise against it. We should all respect user’s decisions and there is no point in annoying people by overriding their choices. Instead, you will most likely remove the unsubscribed ones from your dashboard after a couple of weeks. If they decide to come back, they can always subscribe to your blog again. The goal should be to get more new subscribers than leavers, so your list grows at a healthy rate.

How to best grow your subscriber list

Before you can send newsletters, you need an email list with subscribers. You can manually add your subscribers in the member section of Blogody, however, it’s a lot better to grow your list from your existing publications. Every blog published with Blogody contains a subscribe button and a newsletter subscription section at the end of every post - this is how you can steadily build up an authentic audience that are your true readers and followers.

I strongly discourage you from purchasing email lists - it’s the fastest way to hurt your reputation and a safe way to land on global spam lists and get blocked. While it seems tempting to import a large list, it’s a dead end and simply not worth it. Blogody also monitors bounce rates and complaints and will block spam accounts immediately.

If you already have your own email list that you built up on another platform and want to transfer it to Blogody, the best thing is to ask your subscribers to actively subscribe to your new publication on Blogody. You may loose a couple of subscribers along the way but you’ll be rewarded with a smaller list of truly loyal ones.

Just in case none of those methods work for you and you have a large, legit subscriber list that you want to import into Blogody, please contact me directly so we can figure out the best way to do it.

Start growing your own audience!

If this post shows up in your inbox, it is the first newsletter that has been sent to you directly from the Blogody platform!

Creating newsletters is a powerful tool, and even more so when coupled with your online publications. While social media trends come and go, email addresses are here to stay.

Now is the best time to start growing your own audience!

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