Embed rich video media like YouTube or Vimeo

Easily enrich your content with video embeds from youtube, vimeo or other popular platforms. Video players are directly integrated into your articles and can be viewed without leaving your blog. They are also included in your newsletters.


It is now possible to embed videos with Blogody. This feature is not only available for your blog content, it also works in your newsletters! Videos are not uploaded to the platform, instead they are embedded for best compatibility and performance.

All major video players that follow the OEmbed specification are supported. Here is a quick demonstration on how you can add a YouTube video to your site.

Embedding YouTube videos

To start with, you need the URL of your video. Just go to YouTube and select one of the videos. You can copy the video URL either from your browser’s address bar or from the share dialog:

The YouTube share dialog appears when you press the share button.

Use the video button in the editor

Back in Blogody, move the cursor to a new line, so the side menu appears. Open it by pressing the plus-sign until you see the menu options:

Choose the play icon and paste the URL to the prompt.

Press enter and you’ll shortly see the video embed:

This is a video from YouTube embedded into Blogody.

Note that you cannot play the video in the editor, because it is only a preview, but you can play the video in the published post without leaving your blog site. Full-screen mode is supported.

Newsletter preview

The video thumbnail is also displayed in your Newsletter preview and in the final email. Due to current mail client restrictions it’s not possible to deliver video players within the email. Therefore, the video thumbnail image is shown. When you click on the image you are redirected to the video on YouTube.

Some email clients such as Gmail detect the video preview in your email and show a player at the bottom of the email.

In this case, you can actually play the video without leaving your email client.


Including videos in both your posts and newsletters has never been easier. Expect this feature to be extended to other media, such as music and podcast embeds. Let me know, what media is important to you!

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