Support for Ukraine ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Starting today, free lifetime creator accounts are given to people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, we match donations to the Return Alive Foundation up to 1.000 EUR.

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Blogody is united with the people of Ukraine and the international community in condemning Putinโ€™s needless military invasion of Ukraine and the horrific acts of violence against a sovereign nation and its people. Our deepest sympathies go out to our friends, coworkers, and professional partners in Ukraine.

Free creator accounts

Starting today, everyone from Ukraine is eligible to get a free lifetime Blogody creator account. To initiate the process, just send a request to the @blogody Twitter handle. I hope that blogging will help in documenting every injustice done to innocent people and helps soften the traumata that are inflicted by these dreadful war crimes.

Matching Donations

To support the people of Ukraine during the ongoing invasion of their country, Blogody will be matching donations to the Return Alive Foundation by any person capped at 1.000 EUR.

Please send a screenshot or other evidence of your donation to the @blogody Twitter handle. We will pay the exact same amount as soon as you payment has been registered at the Foundation. As the Return Alive Foundation makes all payments publicly accessible, we can verify that your payment has been received by the foundation.

Once your payment has been verified, Blogody will reply to your message with evidence of the matching donation made on your behalf.

We would like to thank those that have donated via this program, please indicate if you want to be publicly mentioned on Twitter.

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