Use webhooks to automate your workflows

You can now use webhooks in Blogody to trigger external actions. Webhooks are a powerful tool to automate workflows and connect with other apps, without the need to write code.


Webhooks in Blogody are triggered whenever the publication status changes. For example, when you publish an article an HTTP POST request is sent to a custom webhook endpoint that you can specify on the Blogody platform.

What you can do with webhooks

As you can notify other, external systems by way of webhooks it’s a great tool to automate workflows to expedite common tasks. For example, you could trigger an automatic twitter post, email or newsletter whenever you publish a new article.

If you are a developer and want to use Blogody as your headless CMS, another common use case is to trigger a new build or deploy process.

If you use Blogody in user mode, there is no need to trigger a build or deploy process. Everything is taken care of behind the scenes and you publications are almost instantly set live.

Setting up a webhook

It’s easy to set up a webhook in Blogody. Just go to Settings > Developer and scroll to the Webhook section. Enter the webhook URL of the external system that is going to be notified on Blogody publishing events and press Save.

Get creative with webhooks

This is all there is about webhooks. Now you can get creative and trigger your favorite apps from Blogody!

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